The Southwest Virginia LGBTQ+ History Project is grateful to have institutional support at Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia.


Dr. Gregory Samantha Rosenthal (they/them or she/her), Assistant Professor of History & Co-Founder of the Project

Megan Reynolds ’23 (she/her), Undergraduate Research Fellow, 2019-2021

Thanks also to student volunteers, interns, and former research assistants who have helped with this project, including: Skylar Grochowski (WSRA 2018-2019); Princess Carter (QTPOC intern, 2018); Kitty Bridgewater (QTPOC intern, 2018); Caleigh McKay (2018); Beth Janes (WSRA 2017-2018); Haleigh Ardolino (WSRA 2016-2017); Erin Hannon (2015-2017); RM Barton (2016); Shannon Mace (WSRA spring 2016); Olivia Streett (2015-2016); Olivia Rhodin (2015); Kat West (2015). Thank you!

Thanks also to the community members who have brought this project to life!!

October 2015 meeting at Roanoke College


Dr. Gregory Samantha Rosenthal

(Pronouns: they/them or she/her)

History Department

Roanoke College

221 College Lane, Salem, Virginia 24153

(540) 375-5257

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